Google Maps in Safari

So I got this Tweet last night about a web app version of Google Maps for the Palm Pre that works on the iPhone. Actually it works in my computer’s browser. What the computer browser doesn’t do is track my location. That’s right, I got this pop up when accessing the page in my 2nd Gen iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 3.0 Beta 5 while in Safari:


I tested it on Brooke’s iPhone, which is a 2nd Gen iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2.2.1, and I got this:


It has all the other features like list of map directions, map routing, traffic, satellite & map views, search, and more. You can pinch, zoom, double tap and use in landscape mode too. You can try it out by going


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  1. I saw the same tweet while following you and tried the same thing actually. I kind of figured that the Safari’s GPS location wasn’t happening because it wasn’t on a Pre, so I disregarded it. Who would’ve thought that it works on FW3.0 and not my FW2.2.1? Good find! It is pretty much useless to us iPhone users, but cool nonetheless.

  2. safari in fw 3.0 is fully html 5 compliant. That’s why it can utilize the gps hardware