CMRA – Camera for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch doesn’t come with a built in camera (yet) but you can add one with this sweet watch band that includes not one, but two cameras! There is a selfie camera (2MP) and a outward facing camera (8MP). The band has to be charged on it’s own and it connects to your Apple Watch using Bluetooth. It can record about 30 minutes of video or about 100 photos. Not bad for a watch accessory. If you’re doing much more than that you should use your iPhone. This is just for quick access and convenience. I wonder how fast it really is. It has a button right on the watch band to take a quick picture. It also does video chat which I assume is done through their own app. It also comes with a really nice dual charging dock for both the camera band and your Apple Watch. This is definelty a must have accessory to the Apple Watch. It’s compatible with all Apple Watches running watchOS 3 and iPhone 5 or later running iOS10.

You can pre-order CMRA at their website for $149.



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  1. I placed my order a few weeks ago.
    Now waiting patiently for the spring 2017.

  2. good