OLO Computer – iPhone Docks as Trackpad Mouse

Tomorrow Apple is set to announce a new product. Most believe it will be updates for the MacBook and MacBook Pro and may include a trimmed down MacBook or NetBook that is around $800. This would be a light weight laptop built for mostly web or light weight apps. As great as all this sounds there may be something else, not coming from Apple, that integrates with your iPhone. It’s called the OLO computer. The feature that sets it apart from anything Apple has is the iPhone dock positioned right where the trackpad goes. I’ve thought about this and there are pros and cons to the whole idea. Now all we have is a picture and no specs so everything will be pure speculation.

Pros include the OS of the laptop which is OS X. Not sure how Apple is going to like that but I do. Other obvious features would be the iPhone charges while in the dock, you’ll have access to all your music, contacts, etc. and the iPhone would be your mouse so you would most likely have multitouch options. [Read more…]