DLO SlimCase for the iPhone Review

This leather case has a soft suede interior to keep your iPhone safe. Comes with a high quality leather strap and a DLO Surface Shield scree protector. All button & ports are accessible but trying to hit the lock button is a bit annoying. It allows for easy connection with most dock cables but it will not stand up in an iPhone dock. The DLO SlimCase for the iPhone retails for about $40 on DLO’s website. Check out the video review below:

Watch “DLO SlimCase Review” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. Thanks for the review, I’ve yet to purchased any case for my iPhone.
    I’d appreciate if you could review these two cases:
    – Agent 18 Eco Shield
    – Belkin Acrylic Case

  2. I can’t remember which model my case is, but it looks very similar to this one and is leather….cost more than half as much from eBay.

    You might like this one better Doug as the Power button on the top is more accessible. the one thing I don’t like as much is that the case does not slip over the phone as much…henc the access to the power button, and if you turn it up-side-down, and shake it, the phone can slide out. It won’t if you just turn it up-side-down…you have to give it a shake.

    I also like the leather aspect because it slides in and out of my pocket MUCH easier than a rubber one.

  3. One thing you’ll notice about this DLO case… it may not protect the top left and right corners of your iPhone if you drop it ! I dented my iPhone with a CaseMate leather case made similar to the DLO. First time I dropped it on concrete since July, but it made a dent in the aluminum.

    – Just my 2 cents worth.

  4. Oops! My bad… the sad thing is that I actually watched that video…
    Thanks Brooke!

    Please do keep in mind the Belkin one, it looks great!

  5. Great review keep up the good work !


  6. That’s the case I use, and I’m a fan.
    Agreed about the lock button, but I’ve gotten used to mushing that corner in, so I hit it every time.

    The case has a great “new shoe” smell to it, leather feels warm and nice in the hand, while it slides in and out of the pocket with no problems.
    The raised bevel around the screen makes it safe to put the phone face down on any surface without worrying about the screen. (that’s probably the case with a lot of other products, but that’s the one I got)

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