Agent 18 EcoShield Accessory Review

This case is very simple and very easy to install. You just slide on the bottom, then slide on the top, simple as that. It has a clean design and is not too bulky like most cases. The only negative I have is it’s still slippery. The hard plastic case needs some rubber grips. This is the main reason I use a case is the metal case of the iPhone is slick. Check out the video below for a full review.

* Simple two-piece slide on/off design
* Form-fitting and sleek, available in black only (natural color is no longer in stock)
* Full-access to bottom connectors, mic and touch screen
* Docks with universal dock
* Eco-friendly material with minimum carbon impact
* Packaging made from recyclable materials

Watch “Agent 18 EcoShield Review” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. Killertomato! says

    I recommend the Cozip case that sells for about $13.99 on Amazon. It’s cheap, slim, looks great, comes in different colors (I have the red version), and provides very good grip.

    Mini review and close up pics here:

  2. I have this case…

    I liked it alot at first.. But not when i realised it was damaging my iPhone.. (ironically enough) . After only 2 days, i removed the case to clean it and i realised that the chrome lining on the side of the screen of the iPhone is completely scratched not to mention marks on the silver back of the iPhone..I realised that (due to the poor design of the case), particles starting getting lodged inside the sides of the case between the case and the iPhone.

    I am very disappointed with this.. Defeats the whole object of forking out $20 to protect my iPhone..

    I have now removed the case and am considering an alternative whereby this will not happen..

    The iPhone was not kept in a dirty place at any time (I made sure of this)

    Its mainly due to to design of the case – hard plastic..

    It upsets me greatly..Thumbs down for me..

  3. Also i said that the hard plastic case does not play well with the iPhone.. Especially when sliding them together, it rubs against the chrome bit of the iPhone which im sure also contributed to the damage mentioned above..

  4. ShawVegas says

    This case is terrible. IT WILL SCRATCH the bezzel on the iPhone near the dock connector and under the home button. DO NOT BUY. The best case is the incase slider. Baaaaaad to the Bone. Doesn’t scratch iphone. Showcase=scratch bezzel, too.

    • I agree with ShawVegas. Try the Incase Slider case for iPhone. I’ve owned 6 different cases and the Slider case has to be the best by far. It’s very nice, sleek, and won’t scratch the phone. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  5. great case, have it in white

  6. I have this case. I love it! The scratching happened before I got it. Since the on particles it gets inside is dust from my pocket. That would happen with any case. I agree I would like to have rubber to minimize slip. But as with anything tha ‘slips’ over anything you are going to get particles. Just clean… Thats all it takes… Cleaning. Oh and the fact that apple never protected the port on the bottom, top, or ANY ports. Keep that in mind! But I digress.. This is a great case as far as keeping the iphone protected… Though people confuse it for an ipod touch dye to it’s black design…

  7. previous posted from my iPhone… Mind the spelling errors…

  8. A piece of crap I wish I’d never bought.

    Scratched the chromed ring, the bottom by the dock conector in particular was a wreck.

    Peeled and scratched the sides too the first time I took it off to clean the phone.

    Avoid it.

  9. The Incase Slider is much better. It looks nicer, feels better, and doesn’t scratch the chrome bezel (at least, mine doesn’t).

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