Griffin Clarifi Case & Macro Lens Review

StackI could go on and on about this case but I’m just gonna keep it short and then show you some amazing pictures. This case is basically all about the lens. Griffin has made a slide over macro lens for the camera built into the case called Clarifi. For those who don’t know, macro means really close up. You’ll see in the pictures. Here’s what the slide over lens looks like:


The case is pretty simple and just slides onto the iPhone in two pieces. It gives you access to all your switches and buttons but if you need to clean your camera lens, you’ll have to take the case off. The top third and bottom third are covered with a grippy//rubber material. The center is a smooth plastic. I think the whole thing should be covered in the rubber material. The smooth plastic is already getting scratched. The strength of the case seems very durable and will protect your iPhone. There is also a stick on screen protector that comes in the box along with a cleaning cloth.

Of course, the other amazing thing is, the case works with the new iPhone 3GS which already has macro and autofocus. Speaking of autofocus, without it on the 3G, you have to kinda move your iPhone closer and further away until you get what you’re shooting into focus. Either iPhone you have, this case is AWESOME and sells for $30.99. And now for the proof. First with the iPhone 3G.

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  1. While I (did) like this case, I have 2 issues with it.
    1) I have an InvisibleShield cover. Unless you have complete and utter accuracy to get this applied to the dead-center of your phone, this case will chew up the outsides of it when you slide it together. It peeled up a couple spots because of it being a tight fit. That leads me to #2.
    2) If you suffer from #1, then this will be a bigger problem. I didn’t want to take off the case because of how it peeled up my InvisibleShield, but after a while TONS of dust started to show up under the lens. If I took the case off, I’d chance ripping my IS more.

    Bottom line, macro works great, but I’d recommend passing on this one if you have an InvisibleShield and want to keep it in tact.

    • LarryInAz says

      I had a similar issue with my Invisible Shield – IF you only put IS on the screen and wait about 24 before putting any case on for it to “become one with the phone” AND you put a little extra care in sliding any case on you shouldn’t have any issues with the IS.
      The IS is under lifetime warranty and if you live near a city that has a IS kiosk they’ll replace it for virtually free. In Phoenix it only cost me $2.50 (YMMV).

  2. Is the case kinda durable? Like could it survive some drops or was Griffins main thing the lens?

    I’m thinkin about getting one, because I can’t afford a 3G S right right now and this would be something nice

  3. What does the case look like on the front of the phone? You only have an image of the lens area here.

  4. most of them images are out of focus… not over impressed..

  5. will this only fit a 3g? no support for 2g?

  6. moletribe says

    I’m sold!

  7. Love the macro lens, but it’s dust magnet (inside the lens) if you keep your phone in your pocket.

    @Doug, your computer keyboards need some cleaning, too busy blogging and no time to clean.

  8. mfleigle says

    I have used this case since its been available (late September), and I love the case! Except for one huge problem I just realized (due to the fact I rarely took the case off, and when I did it was late at night) it scratches the back of the phone were the camera cover slides! I now have a scratched 3GS that isnt even a week old. I cant believe I never noticed it before tonight. I know it was caused by the case because its the only cover I have used on my 3GS. Good thing white doesnt show scratches as bad as black. Now I am on the hunt for another case, but I dont want sillicone and all other plastic covers on Apple have reviews stating they cause scratches