Otterbox for iPhone Armor Series Case Review

If you’re looking for extreme protection for your iPhone then look to the Otterbox for iPhone Armor Series. This case is truly water proof up to a depth of 3 feet. Not only is it waterproof but it’s dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof and dropproof. Here I’m testing the black version but there is also a yellow and black version similar to the Otterbox Defender Series. If you’re going for looks, this case isn’t for you. It is bulky, but for the type of environment this would be used in, looks probably don’t matter much. The following video includes an underwater test.

Watch “Otterbox for iPhone Armor Series Case Review” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. Richard B. says

    Doug, what video is playing on your springboard? I would like to get it.

  2. alex_dlc says

    so even with a big hole in the back its still waterproof?

  3. I was skeptical off the looks of the original Otterbox case, but I got one off eBay ($35.00) and it’s the best one I’ve used/seen yet.

  4. Now I can record some cool underwater effects for my sound design :D

  5. i love my outterbox defender series case it rocks and I done have to use a headset like the armor series

  6. Doug, the reason you couldn’t get the up/down volume buttons to work is because the phone has to be unlocked for them to work..

  7. ivan chong says

    The touch screen was not work in the water, i think is because of iPhone touch screen is need some body heat only work fine.

  8. Thanks Doug.. not soo pretty but IT is very handy case for outdoors…

  9. will this work for the iphone 3g

  10. i just recieved my armor series today and checked it out. nice comfortable in my pockets and well,… it all weather. the only downside,…i have to use my headset/headphones to listin to music and use the phone. but other than that it should “weather” the weather. i’d recommend it if ur like me, a little clumsey with anyphone.

  11. Great review thanks, straightforward ,clear and concise.

    Will get one based on your review – thanks again!


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