iPhone 3G OtterBox Case Now Available

OtterBox As many of you know, Doug and I both are fans of OtterBox iPhone cases. In the past we have done a reviews of both the Defender and Armor Series Cases. Until just recently, the cases were not available for the iPhone 3G. However, you are now able to get the Defender Series case for the iPhone 3G. It is currently only available in black but will soon be available in White, Pink and Yellow/Black. Not only that, it seems they have improved the case from the first version. Below is a snippet from the press release;

Listening to customer suggestions about the first generation iPhone Defender™ Series case, OtterBox improved the design of the iPhone 3G case. The new case allows access to the silence switch, provides an improved screen and better fit and feel. Sync/charge, home, sleep/wake, volume, camera and headphone jack all remain accessible.

So, if you are looking for a protective case…this just might be the one for you! You can get the Defender Series iPhone 3G cases for $49.95.

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  1. Just thought i’d let the ppl who read this know that the quickpwn tool for windows was just released by the iphone dev team

  2. Very Nice to see you back here Brook !! Take care !!!!

  3. If you want to try a great iPhone case, and I take nothing away from Otter, try the iSkin Solo. This is a really fine product with a see through design that shows off the Apple logo on he back. It retails for $20 less than Otter.


  4. I personally like the ZAGG InvisibleShield. It doesn’t spoil the look of the phone. :)

  5. the incase slider case is the best and sleekest iphone case out there.

  6. I liked the Incase fuze.. But it’s not yet available for 3g..
    I am using zagg invisible shield.. And its great.. Will highly recommend it.. Does not interfere with my Bose sounddock portable

  7. I got this case the day it came out and recieved it 4 days later…. It is an awesome case! I work for the Fire Dept and there is a chance from time to time that my phone may get hit or even a little wet and this helps out in both areas.

  8. Nice cases, but with the dollar conversion they would end up way to expensive in Australia.

  9. Here is my feedback on this case – I’ve had it for a few weeks now and I’m seriously disappointed….

    I seeked desperately for a decent case/holster that would protect my iPhone 3G, this one is just OK. There are quite a few fundamental problems. The quality of the clip that holds the holster to your belt clip is terrible – its very weak – nothing like the Seidio version I have for a Blackberry. Getting the phone out of the holster is also very difficult – I have yet to get used to it. I also had problems with the screen sticking and giving watermark effect on the main screen. I eventually removed the plastic screen that came with the OtterBox shell all together and added a ZAG Invishield and just use that under the case instead now. Today I was disappointed to find out that aftermarket power cable chargers (Griffin) won’t fit through the hole in the bottom of the case to allow me to charge the phone in the car. The stock Apple charger will fit perfectly but aftermarket chargers need a little more room. My search for the perfect case/holster continues …


    Weak clip on belt holster. Screen watermarking Might not take aftermarket charger cables

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