iPhone Commercial – Family Man

##ICON_NAME## Apple has released a new iPhone commercial – Family Man. The commercial highlights the ability for the iPhone 3GS to capture and playback video as well as a few applications from the App Store (see list below).

I don’t know about you but, this commercial is soooo true for us! The grandparents really do like to see the videos, I totally use my iPhone all the time for cooking, our kids love to play games and watch videos and Doug uses his for everything (I’ve seen that guy do some pretty crazy things from his iPhone)… I’m pretty sure it never leaves his hands.

Jamie Oliver; 20 Minute Meals ($7.99)
Elmo’s Monster Maker ($3.99)
Viper SmartStart (Free)

“It’s actually my iPhone but everybody in the family loves it. Grandma always wants to see the latest movies of the kids. My wife, I think she finds a new app every week. This week it’s recipes. For my son it’s great on long car trips. And me, I use it for just about everything. Yep, I think we’d all be lost without my iPhone”

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