iPhone 4 Commercial – Longer [Video]

Apple has released a new ad for the iPhone 4. The commercial “Longer” boasts the iPhone 4’s lithium polymer battery which allows you to, “work longer, play longer, laugh longer, listen longer, shoot, edit, share, update, download, read, write and even FaceTime longer.”

Check out the video below.
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iFixit’s iPod Touch 4th Generation Teardown (No Vibrate Motor)

iFixit Today iFixit released a teardown guide for the 4th Generation iPod touch. Yesterday in episode 18 of i101 we had mentioned that, according to Apple’s website, the 4th gen iPod touch was going to have a vibrate alert. Today that information is no longer on Apple’s website. It seems that Apple made a slight mistake saying that the 4th gen iPod touch would have a vibrate feature. This was further confirmed by iFixit’s teardown of the device in which they did not find a vibrate motor. Bummer Apple. You can view iFixit’s complete teardown guide HERE.
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iPhone 4 Commercials – Meet Her, Haircut, Smile and Big News

Apple Today, Apple released four new iPhone 4 ads; Meet Her, Haircut, Smile and Big News. All four commercials demonstrate the FaceTime feature of the iPhone 4. Personally, I’m not a huge fan… check them out and let us know what you think.