Printopia – Print to Any Printer using AirPrint

I recently installed this program on my work computer and it’s working great! This program goes above and beyond just printing to your printer. First I need to explain that this is not an app that is installed on your iPhone or iPad but is installed on your Mac. It basically shares your existing installed printers and makes them available from printing by your iPhone or iPad through the built in AirPrint feature. We have a big Savin C3535 printer/copier/scanner and it worked with no problems.

Now, like I said, this program goes beyond just printing to shared printers. You can also send the print job to your computer as a .pdf or .jpg. This way you can save it for later. You can even send it to a folder in your Dropbox. The program is $19.95 or you can demo it for 7 days for free.

Visit to download.



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