Facebook Releases App Update 5.0

Facebook has released a new app that has been coded with Objective-C instead of HTML5. What does this mean to you? Hopefully a more reliable app that doesn’t crash! I’ve already tested the app on my iPhone and it’s much faster. The app looks mostly the same but there are a few things that look nicer such as photos. The look and feel of browsing photos, liking them and commenting on them is much better. The app update also includes the iPad and iPod touch. I’m actually excited about the iPad app because it was so bad before that I only used the website. The new app supports timeline and shows my profile the way it looks like on the website.

Another added feature is a banner across the top of the app that appears once you start to scroll down. Tapping the banner that says “New Story” scrolls you to the top and loads the newest stories. This eliminates the need to pull to refresh.

Facebook’s iPhone app went downhill after developer Joe Hewitt quit after getting upset about Apple’s app policies. After taking forever to release an iPad app and now getting a really nice update with Objective-C programming, hopefully Facebook apps will stay on top of things.

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