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Should I Get My Kid an iPad?

There is a lot to this question including age, demeanor, maturity, parenting & discipline. In this video, I try to look at all angles and options and help you think through the process and decision of getting your child an iPad, iPod touch or iPad mini. [Read more…]

Why is My iPhone Running So Slow?

There are many things that can cause your iPhone to run slow. In this video I try to give you a few ideas to fix the possible problems, starting with the simple fixes to the most complex. [Read more…]

Are One of My Speakers Broken on My iPhone?

Since the very first iPhone, people have asked me if one of their iPhone speakers are broken. Most likey, the answer is no and I’ll show you why. Also, in this video, we take you back in time to one of our i101 episodes from 2008! [Read more…]