Best iPad Games

iPadThe iPad is a great gaming device with it’s big screen, accelerometer and multitouch. I’m not a huge gamer, but there are still awesome games that are worth the buy on the iPad. I’ve gathered my favorites here and hope you enjoy them! Below you will find a brief description, screenshot, video, a link to a full review if available and a direct link to iTunes. I will also include the price range the app has been available for. This varies depending on current sales but it will at least give you an idea.

Medieval HD: Free – $2.99

MedievalMedieval is high graphic, castle defense game. You use all kinds of artillary to attack the enemy. You can send out troops like horses and knights or shoot flaming arrows and boulders. As you battle you earn money to buy and upgrade your castle and weapons. There are lots of levels, different game play types and a variety of game controls. There is even a lite version of the app for free so you can test it out.

Medieval HD


Reckless Racing HD:

Reckless Racing HD

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