No swearing. Keep topic to iPhone or iPod Touch.


  1. I need some help with my iphone!!! i want to unlock it to use with tmobile. its already been jailbroken….

  2. Jalen Little says

    I need some help with my Ipod Touch 4th generatioin!!! I want to jailbreak it but i cant?

  3. how do i transfer my pics to my computer ?

  4. i had pics sent to me through tx message i sent them to my email on my phone and put them in my personnal folder i looked at them to make sure they got there and they did ,a couple of days later i went to look at them again and they were gone i didnot trash them either ?!? how can i get them back ?

  5. just updated my iphone software now it is stuck with the apple icon and a blank horizontal bar
    I cant turn the phone off

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