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DropCopy Developer’s description of app: Share files and apps wirelessly.

A new app out today called DropCopy by 10base-t.com (creators of Crosswalk) allows you to transfer files between iPhones or iPod Touches via wifi. It also works with Macs using DropCopy for Macs. Both devices must have DropCopy open to transfer files. Just select the file to transfer and then chose the device to send to. During the transfer both make their send and receive sounds. Here are some screenshots:

DropCopy DropCopy1 DropCopy2 DropCopy3 DropCopy4 DropCopy5 DropCopy6 DropCopy7 DropCopy8 DropCopy9 DropCopy10 DropCopy11 DropCopy11.5 DropCopy12 DropCopy13

Apple iPhone School’s DropCopy Articles:
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