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HalloweenDeveloper’s description of toy: Like Pirate, but with different costumes.

There are five costumes in this app; a purple hat, a joker hat, a viking hat, a witch hat and a cigar. When you open the app all of the costumes are at the bottom of the page, to use them you just drag them up. Another person is needed in order to use this app. Just hold the iPhone up like you are going to take a picture of the person, when you have them where you want them on the screen, hit the “stop” button and the image will freeze on the screen. You can then move the costumes around so they are positioned correctly.To take a picture of what is on the screen tap the “snap” button. It will automatically open an email to send the picture where ever you would like it to go. The picture has to be emailed, it will not show up in the Photos app on the iPhone. Here are some screenshots:

Halloween SpringBoard Halloween Halloween Halloween Pirate

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