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iDigger Developer’s description of app: BoulderDash clone for the iPhone.

iDigger is similar to Bouler Dash only iPhone style! It is available in the through the source. The app opens directly to the play screen the first time you open it…from then on, when you open the app, you will get a menu with three options; Load last game, Load last game. New sprites and Donate. Once you are at the play screen…you can use the four buttons on the lower part of the screen to move Rockford (that is the little guy on the screen)…just tap on the button/direction you want Rockford to move. You can also reload your current game by tapping on Reload to the left of the controller and get a new game by tapping on New Game in the lower left corner of the screen. I personally have never played this game before and therefore cannot tell you much about it but…wiki can! Here is the wiki link to the game and how it is played. All I know is I Keep getting crushed by rocks!! :) Below are the screenshot:

For updates to this app, see below in the Apple iPhone School’s iDigger Articles section.

iDigger iDigger iDigger iDigger

Apple iPhone School’s iDigger Articles:
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