Jailbreak 1.1.1

Jailbreak with Safari right from iPhones with version 1.1.1 ONLY:

AppSnapp will jailbreak your iPhone right from the Safari browser. Here is a video tutorial. If you need more information on AppSnapp or want to see how to jailbreak a non-activated iPhone just visit AppleiPhoneSchool.com/appsnapp.

PC – iPhones with version 1.1.1:

This will jailbreak your iPhone and install Installer.app. When it’s finished you will have Installer.app on your springboard! No need to install SummerBoard, it’s installed for you automatically. I tested it and it works.

Before beginning be sure you are on a freshly restored/updated 1.1.1 iPhone. You also need to ensure that .NET framework 2.0 is installed on your PC before proceeding. If you don’t have it get it from Windows Update.

Here is a link to the step by step guide. Here is a video on how the process goes:

The second optional part of the instructions tells how to switch from dropbear to OpenSSH. Here is a video showing that process:

Mac OSX – iPhones with version 1.1.1:

Here are some great instructions for jailbreaking 1.1.1 with OSX at modmyiphone.com.

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