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Metronome Developer’s description of app: A metronome for your iPhone.

Metronome is a new app in the source. This is a very simple app though, useful for many. The app opens to a white screen with a metronome in the middle. It is set to a default of 120 beats per minute and will return to 120 beats per minute every time you reopen the app. To start the metronome just give it a little swipe with your finger. To change the tempo, just tap and move the little circle to the desired tempo. It displays the beats per minute in little numbers towards the base of the metronome so you can get it the exact tempo you are looking for. If you change the tempo while it is already keeping time, you will have to give it another swipe to get it to change to the new tempo. As for the sound…it sounds like your typical metronome! Here are some screenshots:

Metronome Metronome Metronome Metronome Metromone

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