Below you will find a list of third party Network applications that can be installed on a jailbroken iPhone. All of these applications are added through the

APlogger  Log access points and their signal strength.
biteSMSNew  Purchase SMS credits instead of texting through your Mobile Carrier.
Colloquy An IRC chat program.
fring Skype for the iPhone also Twitter, ICQ, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo and AIM.
iChabber Chat using your gmail account or other jabber account.
iFobUpdated  Social networking app.
iP Displays all the IP addresses for your iPhone.
iPI Utility showing all IP interfaces available.
iSlskNew  Download music and import it into your music database.
iSMS An alternative to the stock Text app.
iXboxLive Enter Xbox Gamertag and see gamer info.
MobileChat AIM application for the iPhone.
MobileTwitter Twitter application on the iPhone.
SMSD An alternative to the stock Text app.
SwirlyMMS Allows ability to send/receive multi-media text messages.
Twinkle Twitter application on the iPhone.
TwitxrNew  iPhone app for the website
VNsea Remote desktop for the iPhone.

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