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ObliqueDeveloper’s description of game: This is a deck of cards for the musically inclined. They can be used to solve problems with rather “oblique” answers. (If you would like more information about this app, you can go to “more info” in the installer)

This app opens to the main screen…from here you can click on the little “i” on the bottom right corner for more information and to change the version of cards you are using or you can tap on the card and it will flip over. Once the card has flipped there is a saying (the saying I just got is, Be extravagant!). Now comes the fun part, you can scroll through the sayings by scrolling left, right, up or down. Just a little warning…if you like one of the sayings, make sure you write it down because if you scroll past it, it will be gone when you go back, replaced by a new saying. You can also tap on the saying and it will flip back over to the main screen. The dock app does not work with this program…it will crash your phone if you try to take a screenshot.

Here are a few screenshots I was able to get:
Oblique SpringBoard Oblique Oblique Oblique

Previous App – NES Next App – PigShooter

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