Below you will find a list of third party Productivity applications that can be installed on a jailbroken iPhone. All of these applications are added through the

iFlight Track flights and get up-to-date flight info on your iPhone.
JCalcNew Extended calculator application.
JGoogleNew  Full screen Safari browser.
LiveScores Get live scores for games that are in progress.
Lockbox Store confidential information on your iPhone.
MPG Track vehicle expenses and calculate MPG.
NemusSyncNew Wirelessly syncs Google Calendar with your iPhone Calendar.
Periodic Table Interactive Periodic Table.
PhotoDial Select a photo to make a call.
RSS  RSS reader for the iPhone.
ShopList Create shopping lists.
SketchesUpdated Think etch-a-sketch on steroids.
smartRSS RSS Reader for the iPhone.
SpringDial Add photo speed dials to your SpringBoard.
StreetFlowUpdated Find restaurants based on your location.
ToDoList Create a ToDo task list on your iPhone.
TypeIt4Me TypeIt4Me for the iPhone.
WebSearch Customizable web search program.
wiki2touch Gives you access to the entire wikipedia database when offline.

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