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Sand Developer’s description of app: Fun falling sand game.

This app is available in the through the Ste Packaging Source. This is a simple little app that is surprisingly captivating. It starts with four columns of sand…blue, tan, white and maroon…falling from the top of the screen. There are three rows of colored boxes at the bottom of the screen. Each row will manipulate the falling sand in a different way. If you select a color out the first row and then draw something with it on the screen it will just turn into falling sand. If you select a color from the second row and draw with it on your screen, the object will hold it’s shape but also have some sand falling from it. If you select a color from the third row and draw something on your screen, it will just hold it’s shape and not have any sand falling from it. The two rows that hold their shape cause the sand that is falling to fall different based on how it interacts with the object. The app is a little glitchy and doesn’t react exactly how it should…but, a great start. I will look forward to some updates to this app…it has potential! Some screenshots:

sand Sand sand
sand7 sand sand sand sand sand

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