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SummerBoardDeveloper’s description of app: Summerboard extends SpringBoard to add scrolling, wallpaper, themes and more!

Summerboard can be installed through the

Here is a video showing how Summerboard works:

New Summerboard New Summerboard (page 2)

  • Zunda – SummerBoard Theme
    Zunda is a SummerBoard theme available via the ModMyiFone source. I saw this theme in the Installer yesterday and thought I would check it out. It turned out to be pretty cool. It is bright, clean and seems to have a decent amount of icons.
  • Buuf2 and SimpleBlack
    Here are two themes from the ModMyiFone source. Neither of these are new themes, they are actually themes that have been around for a while (or based off themes the have been around for a while). I really like Buuf2 and if you are looking for a simplistic theme, SimpleBlack might be just the theme […]
  • Custom Digg Theme
    Digg is a theme inspired by made by the famous Louie Mantia. Digg is by far my favorite theme of all the themes I have ever used or ever seen. It is just so clean and beautiful :). It only comes with stock application icons but, I made a package with more custom icons […]
  • iPhone Theme – SpaceCamtessa
    There was a new SummerBoard theme – SpaceCamtessa – that I decided to give a try. When I first installed it, I’m wasn’t sure I liked it. Well, after some tweaking, I decided I would keep it around for a while. Which means you guys get to see it too! I personally wasn’t big on […]
  • SummerBoard 3.2
    This is the version of SummerBoard Doug has been waiting for!! Version 3.2 fixes the issue where you were unable to install more than 80 apps on your 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 iPhone! So, upgrade and install away!
  • SummerBoard 3.1-2 Update
    SummerBoard has been updated to support 1.1.4. Brooke tried to update her 1.1.1 and got a warning saying 1.1.3 or higher is required. It updated fine on my 1.1.3. Let us know how it’s worked for you in the comments!
  • 1.1.3 SMB Theme Fix on
    iPod Touch Fans have added a 1.1.3 SummerBoard themes fix called “1.1.3 Theme Fix” to their repo. It can be found in under the category “Tweaks (1.1.3)”. Install it once, then every time you add a new theme through the go to the uninstall list in Installer and “reinstall” the 1.1.3 Theme Fix, […]
  • SummerBoard Update 3.1-1
    This is what everyone has been waiting for (at least everyone on 1.1.3!)!! The update to SummerBoard 3.1-1 updates the app to work on version 1.1.3!! YAY! Note: You are not able to install the new version of SummerBoard if you are on any other FW besides 1.1.3. If you try to install it, you […]
  • SummerBoard Update 3.0
    Well…after another quick update by the developers of SummerBoard, version 3.0 is now available in the So, we have been through SummerBoard 3.0a11, 3.0a12, 3.0b1, 3.0b1-1, 3.0b2 and now 3.0. Does this mean that SummerBoard is no longer in alpha or beta mode and is now a full fledge app! And, as far as […]
  • SummerBoard Update 3.0b2
    There is an update to SummerBoard in the However, I got nothing becuase I can’t get the package to download. I don’t know if there is an error with the app or if too many people are trying to install it at the same time. As soon as I get it installed I will […]

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