Advanced Preferences Expands your stock Preferences.
AppFlow Scroll through installed apps Cover Flow style.
Call History Patch Allows up to 250 entries in your Recent Calls.

 Adds additional tools to the iPhone – very sweet!
Categories Put apps into Categories on your SpringBoard.
ContactFlow Select contact’s photo to call them…Cover Flow style.
Cydia Another option for installing 3rd party apps.
Dock  Launch apps from a small little sunburst.
HWPen Handwritting recoginition tool. Allows you to install third party apps.
IntelliScreenNew Adds additional features to the Lock Screen.
iPhoneHome Allows you to change your Home Button double-tap.
iTodayNew  Adds additional features to Lock Screen.
Launcher Launch 3rd party apps.
P-Firewall  Allows you to filter your phone calls.
PyslUpdated  Manage your Calls and Texts.
Stack Think Leopard stacks only on the iPhone.
SummerBoard Extends SpringBoard adding additional features.
Switch-ItNew  Changes Calculator, iTunes and Installer icons to the 2.0 versions.
TouchPodNew  Removes music and video icons, and adds an iPod icon.
TouchRoll Adds Camera Roll to iPod Touch.
Visualize 2.0 Change Calculator, Installer, & iTunes icons to 2.0 version of the icons.
vWallpaper Allows you to have a video Wallpaper.
xLaunch Launches list of all applications in alphabetical order.

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