What is Installer?

Installer is an application that allows you to add other applications to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

A stock iPhone comes with 17 applications; Text, Calendar, Photos, Camera, YouTube, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Clock, Calculator, Notes, Settings, iTunes, Phone, Mail, Safari and iPod. A stock iPod Touch some with 16 applications; Safari, Calender, Mail, Contacts, YouTube, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Clock, Calculator, Notes, Settings, Music, Videos, Photos and iTunes.

Installer will let you add many more applications such as; games (Pool, FiveDice, iZoo), networking applications (Chat, Twitter, Flickr), productivity applications (Task Lists, Calendar Syncing, RSS Readers)…etc. It also allows you to change the look of your iPhone. You can select from a variety of themes that change your icons, wallpaper, dock and status bar. You can even use an application called Customize to changes things like the color of the badges, the words in the system strings, the color of the WiFi and Signal bars…etc.

In order to get Installer on your iPhone/iPod Touch, you will need to jailbreak it. For instructions on how to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch, see our f.a.q Page.


  1. Dear Sir . May i know how long i can jailbreak iphone 4 version 6.0.1 in Cambodia?
    I hope i will got your answer soon.

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