SendSong Updated

Erica has done another update to SendSong Here are some of the new features and fixes. You can get sendsong from or check out her site at

– All files copy to the Ringtones folder using their standard 4-letter iTunes labels, both original and spoof files.
– I no longer limit to m4a files. You can copy mp3s as well and spoof them.
– I’ve mimicked all the keys for normal ringtones: GUID, Artist, Album Artist, Album, Genre and Total Time.
– Genre is broken in the on-iPhone music library (a clue?). All songs default to “Soundtracks” in Ringtones.plist.
– I’ve tried making lists of GUIDs that work and do not work but guess what? Sometimes the same GUID works and sometimes it doesn’t, for exactly the same song.
– Be aware that syncing may destroy your Ringtone.plist. A backup gets automatically generated to Ringtone.plist.hold

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