Update v3.0b7

Another update to I haven’t noticed any significant changes. Here are some screenshots:

Installer 3.0b7 Update Installer 3.0b7 Update

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  1. I have some problems with Installer-it just dont start…
    How to reinstall the installer??

  2. jojozbooboo says

    im having the same problem as the above
    person. Please email me with any
    suggestions at!!
    Thanks in Advance for any help!!!

  3. @Alex…you can reinstall the by going into the Installer, then the Uninstall option, find the Installer and select it. Then, in the upper right corner is the option to Reinstall…just select that!

  4. I am having a problem just downloading the installer. It won’t work. How do I install it on my itouch

  5. Pippopoppy says

    Same problem after an update. The installer don’t start, so i can’t uninstall it. How can i do? if i go to it doesn’t works

  6. Yeah same problem, just updated it today – im on 1.1.1 if that makes any difference.

    Now installer won’t launch.

  7. The newest version of the is 3.0b10…you might want to try downloading that version and see if it works!