PirateDeveloper’s description of toy: Turn yer landlubber friends into authentic Pirates. Yarrrrrrrr.

This app works the same as Halloween only with Pirate accessories instead. The app opens with the Pirate accessories at the bottom of the page, they include; a beard, mustache, Pirate hat and parrot. Just hold the iPhone up at someone like you are going to take their picture and once you have them on the screen tap “stop” and the image will freeze on the screen. Then move the Pirate attire around so the it is correctly positioned (you move the attire around by dragging it). When everything is perfect, tap “snap.” It will then automatically open an email for you to email the picture. You have to email the pic…it will not show up with the rest of your pics in the photos app! Pirate is available through the Ste Packaging source. Here are some screenshots:

Pirate SpringBoard Pirate
Pirate Pirate Pirate

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