Flashlight A new app has appeared in the installer.app called Flashlight, it is similar to Erica Sadun’s Light app but with some of the features of the RainbowLight app. Flashlight opens to a full white screen (thus making it a “flashlight”) but, what is sweet is, it jumps your screen to full brightness no matter what brightness setting you are currently on! You can then scroll your finger up and down on the screen to adjust the brightness. If you want to quickly go to its lowest brightness, just tap in the upper left corner and if you want to quickly go back to full brightness, just tap in the bottom right corner. To go back to your springboard, double tap. When you go back to your springboard it jumps back to your previous brightness setting…it does not keep it at full brightness. I think this is a pretty nice little app! Here are some screenshots:

PS…I can not show you a screenshot of the app itself because it is a completely white screen (is doesn’t even have the status bar at the top). So, you wouldn’t even see the screenshot on the page, I tried! :)

Flashlight Flashlight

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