New Themes Page

Our Themes Page has gone through a transformation. You will no longer see a bunch of random themes in which you have to scroll for miles to get through. They are now in neat little categories based on how you would get the theme onto your iPhone. For example, if it is a theme you need to download and put manually onto your iPhone it will be in the Downloadable Themes category, if it is a theme you need to get through a source…it will be in that source’s category. This will be helpful for those of you who would rather see a theme before putting it on your iPhone, saving you from constantly installing and uninstalling themes. We hope you enjoy the new look!! (Because I am TOTALLY NOT recoding all those files again!! :) )

Here are our current Theme Categories:
(We will continue to add categories as we get sources with a sufficient amount of themes in them)
Downloadable Themes
Featured Themes
SummerBoard Themes
Apogee Themes
AppTapp Themes
iSwitcher Themes
ModMyiFone Themes
Ste Packaging Themes

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  1. Sites awsome and well put together anything you guys do is icing on the cake!


  2. Thanks!! YAY! :)