Video Recording with the iPhone

Drunknbass OK, I’m so excited right now I can’t even type. There is proof of concept of video recording and it will soon be a fully functional app! Right now the app only records 5 seconds at 10fps and doesn’t save. Eventually it will only be limited by space on your iPhone and will capture at 30fps. Here’s where to download.

How to get this app onto your iPhone and watch the video proof:
This app is actually not available in the yet. If you click on the download link above, it will bring you to a page on modmyifone and you will have to hit the download button on that page. Then unzip the file (one way to unzip the file is to just drag the file out of the zip folder onto your computer). Now, copy the folder (the one on your computer) to the Applications folder on your iPhone via OpenSSH. For information on how to install OpenSSH see our How do I get a theme onto my iPhone post! Ok…now that that folder is in your Applications folder on your iPhone…you will need to change it’s permissions. To do that, open the folder in your Applications folder on your iPhone, then select all the files (ctrl+a), right click and select properties. Change the Octal to 0755. TaDa…now you can take video with your iPhone..well, at least watch it take a 5 second clip of video…but, imagine the possibilities!!!

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  1. I know I will shot for this question, but, I added modmyifone as a source, but I don’t see this app under Installer

    So I DL’d the ap, how do install?

    Links to how to’s are fine. Just point me in the right direction.

    Thanks all

  2. wow, cant believe how far the iphone developments have come…. thanks for the video! p.s. great song!

  3. DWdrum…see post above on how to get it onto your iPhone!! I added it the post so everyone would see it!

  4. jman…I know!! It is crazy!! The ability to capture video with your iPhone is huge…we have discussed it here at and can think of some AMAZING innovations this could lead to!! Props to Drunknbass for developing the app!!…(that is his YouTube video btw).

  5. That’s really cool…one of the many great things we could be discussing on Jtv! Actually, it HAS gone down the toilet and I agree with your decision to get out of there. Glad to see this site is still going strong…I have used it as theme ideas for my Touch. All the best, guys!

    –Fenway2000 (Brian)

  6. Very Very Good Perfect funcion

  7. delighted to see this, well done to all involved, cant wait to d/load sample, excitment is building :-)

  8. if you are interested, i’ve added the application to the you have to add my repository “” and you will find Drunknbass into “iSpazio Apps” category.

  9. Hello, I install the apllication, i got the icone ‘Drunknbass’ but nothing, only a black screen , so could you help me ? Please Thanks

  10. Your permissions must be set on folder and all the files inside it to 0755. Read above on how to do that!

  11. qual รจ il modo per installare tutte le apps tipo le note,le mappe, ecc su upod touch 16gb sbloccato???

  12. Why has there been no news on this in over a year? There is obviously a market for the app; I am very surprised that the full app has not come out yet. Have you heard anything about what the hold-up is?