iPhone 101 – Episode 1

Ok, so we haven’t posted much lately because we’ve been working hard on our first Video Podcast, iPhone 101. Check it out and leave us some some comments and suggestions. Here’s the RSS feed for the iPhone 101 Video Podcasts and here’s an iTunes subscription.

Video Recording
iPhone Sales Limit Raised from Three to Five
Bookmarklet for Safari
France iPhone Not Really Unlocked
TomTom GPS Debunk
Safari Download Plugin
1 Million Jailbreaks
Volume Hack Debunk
Time Magazine #1 Gadget
Time Magazine Invention of the Year
Playstation Emulator
iPhone 2

H2O Case
Juice Pack
Pogo Stylus

3rd Party Apps

Web Apps
Fox News
Picasa Web Albums

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  1. you guys rock! thanks for the class, very informative. ill be looking forward to next weeks episode!!!!

  2. Fantastic guys! Very well edited and fun to watch. All that’s missing is a Macbook on the desk instead of a PC. C’mon, Doug, I know you want it! And think how much easier it would be to edit your vids in iMovie?

    Keep up the great work, guys!

    Fenway AKA Boswell AKA Brian

  3. why cant i watch this video on my iphone!

  4. <p>Becuase it is flash…we are working on getting it into iTunes…we are trying to find a place to host the files. So…you will be able to watch it on your iPhone very soon!</p>

  5. Great Job guys!! I enjoyed the info and the fun! I also look forward to the next episode.

    By the way, I have to agree with “Fenway” when he said you should get a Mac! :)

    Thanks guys!

  6. Great idea with ‘iPhone 101″… It’s fun to watch, and very informative.

    You two are awesome! Keep up the good work!


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