New Toy – Multitouch

Multitouch Multitouch is new app available in the through the Ste Packaging Source. Multitouch demonstrates a multi-touch screen interface…allowing you to resize and rotate an image using two fingers. The app opens to a main screen giving you some basic info about it…to begin, just tap the screen. You will then see a picture of a city and while using two fingers, you can touch the image and resize it and rotate it as desired. The only thing that I find to be an issue with this app is that it gets a little glitchy when the image is zoomed in and you are trying to move it around. It would be even cooler if you could use one finger and drag the image around and then use a two-finger zoom like in Google Maps!! Here are the screenshots:

Multitouch Multitouch Multitouch
Multitouch Multitouch

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