iPhone 101 – Episode 2

Merry Christmas! We are trying to improve with each episode but this week we were a little short on equipment while traveling. Please comment to help us improve the video podcast!

iPhone 101 on iTunes
Garageband Ringtones
No Negative Degrees
AAA battery pack
orange unlocked
make iphone programs
iphone docking station
5 million iphones
sendpics update
teens want iphones
#1 google searched term – iphone
Apple hires Lights Out Developer
iphone better than blackberry
GPS Hardware
iphone biggest tech dissapointment

3rd Party Apps

Christmas Memory Game
Marq (marque)

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  1. Douglas and Brooke

    Merry Xmas…………and I got an iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I look forward to surfing your site and learning how to get the most of this awesome piece of tech.

    Your video is great and I will suggest it to more users.

    Your newest and I am sure more to come, user


  2. You two cuties have to write an article about the number one iPhone iTouch gaming site in the world right now… http://jirbo.com !

  3. Hey guys,
    Love your stuff! You’re doing a great thing with this site. It’s so nice to have all iphone info in one place… I’m finally done googling iphone apps and stuff. Ya’ll might want to try doing this video again though… I couldn’t view it and it was pretty distracting because of the bad quality. It automatically stopped about 30 seconds into it every time, so I never did get to view it. But hey, your first video was great! It was perfect. Keep up the good work. Seriously.

    -Tim A

    PS: Oh, and I have a question. There’s an app on the installer called “widgets”… it says you can install mac widgets onto your ipod touch or iphone, but it has no list of which widgets will work on the ipod touch. I know how to put widgets onto the Touch, but I don’t understand how they’d be compatible. Have you guys looked into the “widgets” app at all?

  4. Video is down for a couple hours… there was an error converting to flash and needs to be rendered and uploaded again.

  5. i cant view these videos on my iphone…..you guys should upload to youtube as well.

    merry christmas!

  6. Hey guys!!

    Keep up the great work. I am proud to announce that I was the First person to review your podcast on iTunes. WOOOO HOOOOO

    Can you please make sure to upload any new episodes to itunes? I noticed there is a new vid here but not on iTunes.

    Thanks a bunch, keep up the great work!!!

    Auburn, CA 95603

  7. The video will be up in the next hour. I’ve found a solution and should be in iTunes and working on iPhones/iPods also in about an hour. We do upload our videos to YouTube (youtube.com/iphoneschool) but they have a time limit of 10 min and so far both of our episodes came out to be about 17 min. We just upload the first 10 min to get our name out there. Please continue to give us feedback to improve our videos!

  8. @Tim A – From what I’ve ever read about widgets, they don’t work very well. That’s why we’ve never installed the program. We plan to do a review in the future.

  9. Awesome as always!