New Apps – Xmas/Christmas Costume

Xmas Xmas and Christmas Costume are both available in the through the Ste Packaging source. Xmas is an app by Erica Sadun and is similar to her other apps, Pirate and Halloween just Christmas style. The app allows you to take a picture and then add a Santa hat, beard, HO HO HO, Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays to the photo. Just hold the iPhone up at someone like you are going to take their picture and once you have them on the screen tap “stop” and the image will freeze on the screen. Then move the Christmas attire around so the it is correctly positioned (you move the attire around by dragging it). When everything is perfect, tap “snap.” It will then automatically open an email for you to email the picture.You can then email the image. Christmas Costume is the exact same app only if you install it…it will add Xmas to the DressUp app…which already has Pirate and Christmas in it. That way you can have them all in one spot. Here are the screenshots:

Xmas Xmas Xmas3
Christmas Costume DressUp-Christams

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