Restoring my iPhone….again!!

Ok…well, I am in the process of restoring my iPhone again :( …this happens about every month or so which is understandable since I install and uninstall A TON of apps!! Still, it is such a sad feeling when you come the the realization that there is just nothing else you can do but restore. I can’t help but feel a little nervous as I hit the shift key and select version 1.1.1 when I go to restore…I always hold my breath hoping nothing goes wrong and I get upgraded to 1.1.2 (for instructions on how to restore without upgrading check out our f.a.q page). After it finally restores…I feel almost lost when I look at my stock iPhone…it is just so weird!! Stock iPhones are weird…well, at least after having a jailbroke iPhone. It feels so limited…yet even stock it was Gadget of the Year. Now…I’m headed to…I can’t wait to see the icon again!!

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  1. I have my Iphone now 3 weeks, restored it 2 times. I will not touch it anymore! the other day I could not connect to, 3TIMES! I started to think that the page was down forever hahah but it was my WLAN router who was down ;)

  2. Yeah…if you install and uninstall a lot of programs that can happen. That is why we like to tell people about apps, so you can check them out before installing them just to uninstall them becuase you didn’t like them. Also, if you add a lot of sources to your iPhone you can easily get problems there too…check out our sources page to see sources that we have tried and not had problems with.

    Haha…got to love routers!

  3. I just did it in my ipod touch. Something went wrong when I installed the Dock and Screenshot apps. :P

  4. well get this i tried to downgrade back down to 1.1.1 to get that back on my phone well i did that but when i went to upgrade back to 1.1.2 and download the OktoPrep on to my phone that worked however i then tried to upgrade back to 1.1.2 and it made my phone stock again any reason why this would be happening?? please let me know i need the installer again i feel so weird =)

  5. hi i would like to restore my jailbreak iphone 1.1.2 but when i tried to hold down (alt /option) key on my mac os x and click restore, i can’t find the folder that you had mentioned in your link.

    pls advise what i should do because i do not want to restore and update to 1.1.3 since 1.1.3 is not stable yet.