New App – iMoon 1.0

iMoon iMoon is available in the through the iPhoneIslam source. This app shows you the phases of the moon. When the app opens it automatically gives you the phase of the moon for the day you open it. You can then change the date and watch as the moon phase changes. I’m not sure what the stuff is above the date…but, overall…not too bad. Here are the screenshots:

iMoon iMoon iMoon
iMoon iMoon

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  1. does it matter what city your in? or is the moon the same for all locations?

  2. The moon’s phase is the same for everyone no matter where they live. So, if there is a full moon in California…there is a full moon in the UK.

  3. Thank you for your review about iMoon, now there an English version of the web site iPhoneIslam …

  4. Doug,

    The moon phase DOES differ from city to city.
    and the thing above the date is the Islamic date.
    Islamic calender also has 12 months and days range in between 29-30 days depending on new moon citing.

  5. M. Feroz Nathanie says

    Salaams, very good idea!