New App – kDialer 1.0

kDialer kDialer is available in the through the source. This app gives you a quick way to dial numbers that are in your contacts. The app opens to your current dialer (keypad). As you type in a number it automatically brings up the phone number that is closest to the number you are dialing. The numbers are taken out of your contacts list. As you continue to type the number in…it continues to update with the number closest to the one you are typing. Once the phone number you are looking for shows up..just tap Dial in the top right corner or the main Dial button in the bottom center of the screen. You can also tap Exit in the top left corner to exit the app without making a call. There seems to be one glitch with this app …every time I dial in my own area code the app crashed. I can dial any other area code…but not my own. I can even type in a number in my area code without the area code and it works…but, as soon as I type in my own area code the app closes and brings me back to the SpringBoard. The only problem with this is that if the number is saved in your contacts with the area code…it will not show the person’s name that you are trying to dial…it will still bring up the number…it just wont display the name.

Also, check out a similar app…iDialer.

Here are some screenshots:

kDialer kDialer kDialer kDialer kDialer

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