New Server! YAY!

For the next few days we will be transitioning AppleiPhoneSchool to a new server due to increased traffic. We will try to keep the site online as much as possible and hopefully transfer with few glitches. Please let us know in the comments if have/do receive any errors on our site. We will keep you posted on how the transfer is going!

Note: The website address will not change…it will still be

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  1. Just a suggestion, but you might consider change the size of the left-hand icons to 30×30 (or the traditional 32×32) instead of 60×60.

    I think this would make the list of applications flow better, display more application links on the screen at a time, and allow you to show more applications before you run out of room and use the “More…” link.

  2. Oh, good luck with the move. :-)