New Themes Added!

Below are some new themes that we have added to Downloadable Themes section of your Themes Gallery. We have also added a new them to our Featured Themes section.
For even more iPhone modding check out our Wallpapers Gallery and Custom Icons page.

Thank you to brandch for his updated Link theme!

Please Note: The credit to the designer is displayed by hovering over the screenshot of the theme. To download, just click on the theme you would like to download:

Featured Theme:
link designed by brandch

Downloadable Themes:
g.a.n.t theme designed by aXero scribble designed by Remo Wakeford a new black designed by stonesrule1
new black w/ color designed by stonesrule1 big comic supplied by tonydrone greennova designed by borax windows vista iphone 2 designed by werm098 rubayath theme v3i designed by Rubayath Rahman classic LV supplied by keroro1129 ibk theme designed by iCity11

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  1. The link to the “Link” theme does not work. I have the original theme and this theme is the best theme hands down I have used so far.

  2. Sorry about that!! I fixed it!

  3. i like the transparent status bar or whatever its called, wish i could learn to make my own themes

  4. you can install the Thems “Linkupdated” from the Sources


  1. […] ערכת הנושא Linkupdated פשוטה ולא שופעת במגוון אייקונים או תוספות שונות, אך ככל שהיא פשוטה ככה היא מיוחדת. תמונות וקישורים לערכה נאספו ע”י appleiphoneschool […]