BSD Subsystem 2.1

When you install the update to BSD Subsystem 2.1…you will get the following notice.

Do not use password to change the password on 1.1.3, it is currently broken and will make SpringBoard crash continuously.

Other than that…I’m not sure what version 2.1 changes. Let me know in the comments if you know of any changes.

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  1. ages ago i tried 2 install BSD subsystem. it didnt install properly and now it says it installed, but it never comes up and when i go 2 uninstall it only gives me the option 2 re install, which trust me ive done a ton of times and it doesnt work…

    does any1 no how 2 fix this? or do u no where i can download a ziped copy of the files?

    thanks… email me if u have an answer plz…

  2. okay look, i got my 1.1.4 itouch a few weeks ago and still cannot install bsd subsytem. i have tried multiple times every single day and it still says error package download failed, so for me, the wait a little while and it should work thing, is not working. what do i have to do to get it to work?!?!

  3. can anyone plz tell me how to uninstall bsd subsystem. Any solutions plz
    email to

  4. Has anyone figured out how to reinstall BSD Subsystem or at least uninstall it?…
    Email me:

  5. Interesting blog, look forward to more.