Locations 0.2.1

Locations Locations is now compatible with 1.1.3!! This is exciting news because this is one of Doug’s favorite apps! There is only one very small visual change with the update and that is the addition of a sentence below the Username and Password clarifing what they are for…there were also a few bugs fixes (listed below). I have to add that I seriously love the new search feature that was added with the last update (version 0.2.0)! It makes it soooo much easier to add webcams! Locations in available through the Ste Packaging source. Below are the screenshots:

Change Log 0.2.1:
    *Fix – App only showing black screen and exiting
    *Fix – Incorrect WiFi detection removed, no more pop-up warning for high internet download traffic.

Locations 0.2.1 Locations 0.2.1

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