I decided to give jailbreaking 1.1.3 another chance. This time I decided to use ZiPhone instead of Nate True’s soft update. I started out with a jailbroke 1.1.1 (jailbroke using I tried upgrading through iTunes to 1.1.3 but it wouldn’t let me, so I restored to original 1.1.1 and then upgraded to 1.1.3 using iTunes. I tried the new ZiPhone 1.1 but when the iPhone would restart it would just stick at the Apple logo. I found in a tutorial by, that ZiPhone 1.0 might work for me since I was having the stuck at Apple logo problem. It worked but I can’t get YouTube to work… So here’s the file: ZiPhone 1.0 and here’s the steps:

1. download the zip file for ZiPhone 1.0
2. extract the zip file
3. get your iPhone’s USB cord and dock and plug them into your computer, not the iPhone yet
4. open the ziphoneGUI.exe file
5. press and hold the home button on the iPhone and insert it into the dock while continuing to hold the home button until connect to iTunes logo appears (then let go of home button)
6. select the jailbreak and activate options on the ZiPhone program
7. click start.
8. you will wait around 45 seconds, then the iPhone will restart with!

I was going to make a video but it was way to confusing the first time. I will record it when I jailbreak Brooke’s iPhone very soon!

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  1. gopinath reddy says

    i was most happiest person ,because i was spending lot of money for jailbreaking,now ziphone is wonderfull software with one click ordinary man can jailbreak his iphone,thanks to ziphone

  2. gopinath reddy says

    my iphone v1.1.3 ,youtube doesnt work and also numerical pad 4,5,6 doesnt work does any one have an idea for these two problems unsolved,plz help me