snes4iphone video tutorial

Watch “How To Get a Super Nintendo(SNES)” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. does anyone know where i can get the snes roms, or where to download them from….Thanx..

  2. I just want to know 1 thing no, can all non-phone related apps (so not for text msgs and stuff) be used on a jaibroken ipod touch, people name their apps with phone in it (like; snesforiphone), so its pretty conusing if it would work for an itouch…

    and fred, check out

  3. not sure where to get roms, i would like to know too

  4. Which theme is that iphone using and does it have windows?

  5. if any knows how to get the snes roms please post the details. id love nothing more than to be able to play mario kart on my iPhone..thnx

  6. Well I was able to get the roms and snes emulator but now I have the games but no sound…has anyone had this problem. I run 1.1.3 and followed the var/mobile/media/ROMs/SNES (the ROMs and SNES folders I created using winscp). I followed the tutorial on…….if anyone finds a fix let me know. thanx.

  7. @Fred: I also do not have sound :( Here’s some ROMs

  8. I got the emulator and the games…but I do not know how to put the game inside my Iphone…need help…..

  9. hello did you ever find a fix for sound i looked everywhere and i cant find out how, did you?

  10. i finally figured out how to load those games on your phone!!! some people tell you that all you need to do is make a ROMs in the media folder, but actually you need to go all the way back to /var than /root/ than Media/ and from there you need to make a ROMs folder, and than a SNES folder and a GBA folder inside the ROMs one. also, for GBA google gba_bios.bin, cause i needed that file, and you put that one in the folder and also again in the ROMs folder, and go to the settings of that file and check all the boxes to change it from 755 to 777, than just drag and drop your games. i just added 92 of my gba picks, forget repos! i’ll pick my own games….oh yea, and i’m a total noob to this so if you reply to this and are completly confused i’ll try to explain.

  11. If you’re looking for a really comprehensive ROM site for SNES files, I found this one thru Google. I’m a total Newb when it comes to this sort of thing so once I go thru all the steps, I’ll let u know how the files look but they literally have thousands of game files to choose from, all sorted alphabetically! Can’t wait 2 use this app, I really & sincerely hope it works & that it doesn’t crash my 1.1.4 phone! I would be beyond devastated as I’ve had 2 do a total restore not once but twice, the last time being becuz of Caterpillar.
    I only wish I would’ve found this incredible site (Apple IPhone School) b4 I started adding apps haphhazardly. I truly am addicted 2 ur site, it is ‘THE” best one out there when it comes 2 adding cool features 2 one’s IPhone.
    U guyz are an absolute God-Send. If anyone else uses this site, pls let me know how it works 4 u.
    As well, if u don’t know how 2 add the files using SSH on a later version of the fon, such as 1.1.3 or 1.1.4, if u click on the icon on ur fon, after u’ve downloaded the file for SNES, a memo will pop up saying ‘there aren’t any ROMS downloaded yet’ & will tell u what file to use.
    Thanx again,
    luv u guyz,
    ur beyond amazing,
    Mystique :)

  12. Is there a way to download snes roms directly onto your ipod touch. I have 1.1.4 version but cannot acess the harddrive of my ipod!!!!

  13. SpekN9ne says

    Just updated to version 2.0.0 and now it doesn’t work! Everytime i try to load it, it just dumps me back out to the springboard. Everything was working great (sans sound) until I updated. Everyone else having problems? I’m on 1.1.4

    • SpekN9ne says

      -Ok, figured it out. You need to get the update from original source ( and not the other community source which doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

  14. itouch snes not working says

    I installed the snes4iphone to my itouch ver 1.1.4. It works, but it asks me to put roms into the the itouch. So I did that, then I opened it and no roms appear. I tried to put the roms into the var/mobile/media/ROMs/SNES and they still dont appear, when I put the roms into the var/root/media/ROMs/SNES and it just tells me to put them back in the var/mobile/media/ROMs/SNES…. so after doing all this, the roms still do not show up on the snes4iphone…. any advice???

  15. comment installer snes4iphone? how to instal snes4iphone in my iphone 3g?

  16. Hey All, I found that the sound only stopped working when I would load a temporary save when I was playing Final Fantasy 3 for the SNES. If you load a save with no sound, find a save point in game and use., then reboot the game and load the save point using the ingame loading system, the sound will be returned =)

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