iPhone 101 – Episode 5

Watch “iPhone 101 – Episode 5” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. Doubt it poo, they’ve been saying it was gonna be up forever now…

  2. hey douglas and brooke. i love your podcast and i hope we’ll get more frequent shows in the future. you seem like a sweet couple and i think it’s great to see a podcast made by a husband and wife.
    the only thing is the download times (and file size) which takes so long.
    i think it’ll be better to encode in some other format which will be smaller to download.
    but besides that. it’s a great podcast, very easy going and i wish you’ll post your recording’s bloopers on a special edition of iphone 101. brooke, i think you’re funny and it makes the show allot of fun to watch.

    keep up the good work !