New Themes Added!

YAY!! New Themes! The rest of our themes are in the Themes Gallery….we have another Gallery for Wallpapers too, it’s pretty cool! We added one new Themes to our Featured Themes section and then rest were added to the Downloadable section! There are even a few girly themes in this batch…for us ladies!! :) See all the screenshots below.

Thank you to Veracrow for his ALL fairy Theme!!
If you would like to submit a theme you have designed…just email it to –

Please Note: The credit to the designer is displayed by hovering over the screenshot of the theme. To download, just click on the theme you would like to download:

Featured Theme:
ALL fairy by Veracrow

Downloadable Themes:
Pink designed by storm1981 Simple White designed by davekilljoy BioHazard designed by iPhoneThemePark Leather Theme designed by davidkilljoy DREAMSiCLE designed by H0CKEY BlackRed designed by H0CKEY Collage designed by oscarleedavis CubiX designed by H0CKEY Blue Chrome designed by straightryder Red Chrome created by Striaghtryder GlossyGrey designed by H0CKEY GlossyBlue designed by H0CKEY St3ve J0bz designed by gravytrain Bowling Theme designed by scheezo

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  1. Hi,

    for a week now, I’m not able to download the 2nd theme (grey one) on the Featured themes page. Is that correct?

  2. Oh, to be complete: it’s the Sephia theme from Veracrow…

  3. Sorry about that…it is fixed now!! You should be able to download it by clicking on the “Click HERE to download.”

  4. Hi Brooke!
    Thanks, works like a charm now :)
    Best regards and keep up this great site I love it

  5. No problem.,.sorry it didn’t work sooner…email us next time!! :)

  6. The link for the theme with the big icons is not working is there any way to fix that?????

  7. @Stanley…they work but they just load REALLY slow because the original download website is soooooo slow!! You could always right click on the theme and copy the link location and paste it into another tab in your browser that way it could load and you could still do other things!! You could also try getting to them from our Themes page in the Downloadable section.

    Huh…I just tried a few of them and I would say is either down or extremely slow tonight.

  8. where can i get the bio hazard design (AWESOME THEME) from installer.

  9. how do i install the “all fairy theme” on my itouch??

  10. I wanted to get the dreamsicle by h0ckey themes the yellow one but i have no clue how to get it could u please help me out? thanks brooke