VoiceNotes v.31

IconErica Sadun has released version .31 of Voicenotes, and it can be found on Installer.app from Ste Packaging source under the category “Multimedia”.

I contacted Erica on her site to get a change log, and I got this response:

“I’m afraid that grown-up real-developers do things like change logs.
I’ve just been hacking at the software. Sorry!”


I didn’t notice any changes in this version, but I don’t use it a whole lot. Maybe you can find some?

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  1. If you like VNotes v.31, you should head over to Erica’s site and download v.35.

    With a completely new GUI, I think you’ll like the new version much more.

  2. Nice, I tried it earlier today, but It wasnt working for me. Just stalled out after getting to the splash screen. :-/

  3. The app which is on the Ste source only support 1.1.3 FW

    I’m using 1.1.4 now. I tried many times to install the app, it always told that need 1.1.3 FW lol……

    What could I do ? ……

  4. Hi i am having a problem with my voice notes. When i try to play something I recorded, it says video could not be played or something. it worked fine before. If anyone has any suggestions, send me an email at ariellelaura@gmail.com.

  5. hi
    we need call recorder for iphone

  6. hi
    i have vnotes 0.31 beta. i have recorded a file now if i have to make audio cd what should i do? plzzzzzzzzzzz help me.

  7. How can I install voice notes… I have STE packaging and all the other source in my installer.app but still can’t find the vnotes or voicenotes application… can someone tell me where to find voice notes app?

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