SDK Release

Well, we are in the last week of February and the long anticipated SDK release is schedule for “the end of February.” Sticking with Apple’s theme of releasing something new every Tuesday since January 1st…we might assume that we will see SDK tomorrow (but you never know…Apple might throw us a curve ball…they do “technically” have four more days in February. Maybe they will release it on Leap Day!). I personally am totally excited to see what Apple has in store for the iPhone! Whenever we finally see this quote, unquote SDK…AppleiPhoneSchool will be ready to welcome it to our website!

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  1. Yes, that is true in some cases. However, Apple is also known to release huge products on the last Friday of the month (as they did last year with Leopard). I expect the release to be on Friday, but who knows.


    The iPhone SDK Will Be Late

    There’s a week to go before Apple’s commitment to release the iPhone Software Developers Kit in February runs out of room. I’m hearing from one source that its going to be late. I’m not yet hearing any reasons why, and it’s sounding like the official release date could slide by anywhere from one to three weeks.

    Apple had no comment, and as yet there’s no word on any events related to an SDK release next week. However I’m also hearing that the situation is fluid, and a lot of last-minute decisions are close to being made about what precisely will or will not be disclosed next week, if anything. There are, apparently, a lot of moving parts to something this complex.

    Remember if you will that BusinessWeek broke the story of Apple’s plans to release an iPhone SDK in October, a day before CEO Steve Jobs announced the company’s intentions himself via a statement on the “Hot News” section of Apple’s Web site.

    So will they make it to the finish line in time or will they have to fudge it a little? We’ll all be watching this week.

  3. How are you going to be able to keep up with all of the third party apps after the SDK is released?

  4. I thought it was understood that the release of the SDK had been delayed until sometime in March?

  5. Source:

    Apple’s promised iPhone SDK (software developer kit) may not meet its February release target, a reported source tells BusinessWeek. No explanation is given for the delay, though the alleged insider claims the circumstances of the release are “fluid” and that the delay could involve as little as one week or as many as three. Depending on circumstances, Apple may choose to release only selective information or nothing at all in the last week of February, waiting until March to uncover full details.
    Apple chief Steve Jobs made a promise for the SDK in the fall of last year and is often believed to have made the early announcement in part as a reaction to criticisms by early developers, who expressed frustration that development so far has been limited to web-only applications. Apple initially rejected demands for native third-party applications under claims of security concerns.

    However, sources told Electronista late last year that Apple was seeding early SDKs to key developers to speed development of early applications for the February release planned at the time, suggesting that the company had been preparing the kit significantly in advance of the October announcement by Jobs.

  6. Btw if I’m not wrong, from what I’ve read somewhere. Installing Apple iPhone 3rd Apps would require us to install it from Apple’s iTunes, just like installing Games to Apple’s iPods.

    But I’m still not quit certain as to weather this information is true or not, because you can imagine how complicated it would be having to have another device to use a certain other device. Even Apple TV has been enhanced as to so that it doesn’t require an iTunes connection, though it’s still possible.

  7. Brooke or Doug will the SDK be as good as the jailbreak?
    ALso when the SDK comes out willl someone comeout with a jailbreak with the SDK?

    • I think think the SDK will be both better and worse. Think of Google creating more apps like Google earth or YouTube’s Video. How about Flickr creating a photo app or Twitter creating their own app. Google calendar right on the iPhone as an app! The downfall is there will probably never be NES with the SDK and we don’t know if there will be the ability to change themes, sound effects, etc. Hopefully we can have both!

  8. In my opinion Jailbreak is superior becuase it can utilize the SDK features. It may take awhile to crack, but eventually it will happen. Also everything for Jailbreak is free. Apple charges for their games. Jailbreak allows anyone to develop an app.